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Last Updated: June 10, 2015

Dr Gily's Ten Commandments For Weight Loss

Avoid worshiping the wrong weight loss god

1. You Shall Have No Other Weight Loss Gods.

The reason long-term weight loss is so elusive is, simply, the lack of a long-term approach. You need a new strategy, based on an understanding that no temporary solution will work for a permanent problem.

Find out more on how to develop a successful long-term weight loss & maintenance strategy...

Set up realistic weight loss expectations.

2. You Shall Not Make For Yourself A Carved Image Or Any Weight Loss Idol

Most of us start with unrealistic weight loss goals. We want to lose 30% or more of our body weight, as fast as possible. We also make and woorship weight loss idols easy.

Find out more on how to avoid making weight loss idols for yourself...

Know and respect your body's basic chemistry.

3. You Shall Not Take Your Body's Chemistry In Vain

Very low calorie diets are very popular, especiaally during the initiial phase of many popular weight loss programs. Are they living up to their promise? Are they safe?

Find out more here...

Lose weight by resting.

4. Remember to Rest & Accept Weight Loss Plateaus

Chronic sleep deprivation is increasingly recognized as a significant cause of weight gain. Plateaus are frustrating.

Find out how you can lose 7 lbs by sleeping and what to do to overcome a plateau...

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Other Weight Loss Tools

Exercise Calorie Counter

Exercise Calorie Counter

How many calories do you burn by exercise? Did you know heavier people burn more calories performing the same type of exercise compared to slimmer people?

Find out how many calories you burned through exercise here...

Exercise Calorie Counter

A Very Comprehensive Physical Activity Calorie Counter

Didn't find the physical activity with the previous exercise calculator? Don't worry! I have another one for you that includes 800+ types of activity.

Check out my comprehensive physical activity calorie counter here...

Basal Metabolic Rate & Daily Energy Requirements Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate & Daily Energy Requirements Calculator

This is a very important tool for anybody who takes weight loss and physical fitness seriously. It not only tells you what your resting metabolic rate is, but it also allows you to determine what your daily energy expenditure is, depending on the amount of physical activity you perform.

Go to basal metabolic rate calculator...

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