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Last Updated: May 7, 2015


Exercise Calorie Counter

Exercise Is Good For You and Fun!

Exercise Is Good For You and Fun!

How Many Calories Do You Burn By Exercise?

Did you know heavier people burn more calories performing the same type of exercise compared to slimmer people? This page provides a very user friendly exercise calorie counter and some interesting facts about how physical activity can help you burn those calories.


Didn't Find Your Exercise?

No problem. Try our extended activity calories burned counter. It allows you to find out how many calories you burn while performing over 600 types of physical activity.

Want to Know How Long to Exercise to Burn X Number of Calories?

Try our duration of exercise to burn X number of calories calculator. It allows you to find out how many minutes you have to engage in your favorite exercise in order to achieve your goal of calories burned by exercise.

How Did You Calculate Calories Burned by Exercise?

As you can see from the form above, the formula for calculating calories burned during exercise takes into account several factors:

  • the type of exercise performed
  • the total duration you performed the exercise in question
  • your body weight

In addition, the formula takes into account the so-called METs (metabolic equivalents), which are an expression of how intense each type of exercise is.

If you are curious, the actual formula looks like this:

Calories burned by exercise = ((METs * 3.5 * weight in kg) / 200) * duration in minutes.

How Many Calories Can I Burn Through Exercise?

Most people overestimate how many calories they can burn by exercise. You may have heard people saying "I will take the stairs to burn the calories from those brownies..."

In fact, burning calories by physical activity is not an easy task. We have been designed to be extremely efficient at burning calories. Think of this example: Comparing energy used per passenger-mile (calories), a bicycle needs only 35 calories, whereas a car expends a whopping 1,860 calories. (see World's Most Energy Efficient Vehicle? A Bicycle for more details).

If you have tried our exercise calorie counter above, you are probably feeling some disappointment over the incredible efficiency of the human machine. But before you give up exercise as a means of burning calories, read the following section.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

  • Regular physical activity increases aerobic capacity, maximizing the ability of muscles to extract and use oxygen from blood. This beneficial effect is true even for persons with heart disease, in whom exercise can decrease the oxygen demand of the heart muscle.
  • Exercise improves blood cholesterol levels. Aerobic exercise is one of the few things that can increase the HDL-cholesterol levels in blood. A regular exercise has been found in numerous studies to enhance the beneficial effects of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.
  • Exercise is a central component of any sullied, long-term weight maintenance program. While burning calories by exercise is difficult, as you have already seen, physical activity is the secret of avoiding regaining the weight lost by dieting.
  • Aerobic exercise has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and, in diabetics, decreasing the need of medication. In fact, many type 2 diabetics could get off anti-diabetic medications if they would exercise enough on a regular basis.
  • Recent studies indicate physical activity is important in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, colon cancer, and numerous under diseases. In the elderly, resistance training improves flexibility and quality of life.

How Can I Measure the Distance I Walk/Run?

I recently discovered an excellent site that puts to use Google's excellent mapping application in a fashion that allows you to track your fitness across a wide range of parameters.

If you have any suggestions for future improvements or additions to this free exercise calorie counter, please send me a message or use the comments section below.

Dr. Gily

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